On Sunday, Yankee Doodle was adopted by a lovely couple in Villa Rica, GA. Wanda and Don lost their beloved pug, Dixie, a little over a year ago and decided they were ready to take the "plunge" and get another dog. They were drawn to Yankee for several reasons...their son has a labradoodle and they liked the breed, Wanda is a "Yankee" herself, Yankee doodle is on the small side, and they wanted a scruffy (more wiry) coated dog. On my part, I liked that they were experienced dog owners (and have experience raising puppies), got rave reviews from their vet, live in a neighborhood with many dogs, and that the mom works from home and is an avid walker (turns out that she also is a watercolor artist who specializes in pet portraits and does gorgeous work!).


So yesterday, Yankee and I drove over to Villa Rica (about an hour outside Atlanta) so Wanda and Don could meet Yankee and I could do a home visit. Yankee was amazingly calm and well behaved (we'd gone to the dog park and played that morning, but not enough to really wear him out...I just wanted to take the edge off!). Bubba the cat amazed his parents by being totally calm and accepting of this furry dog. It was a love match all around, with Wanda snuggling Yankee and getting lots of doodle kisses and Yankee trying to show Don that even though he's twice as big as Dixie was, he can still totally be a lap dog! It's really hard to not love a dog with Yankee's trasparent love and joy, and Wanda and Don were ready to accept all the love that he has to give! Wanda was super prepared...she had already gotten a crate, a dog bed (that Yankee immediately wanted to chew on!), a bunch of toys (I brought some too...I always like a foster to go with something from our house...I think it helps with the transition), a leash, and a very handsome red harness.


In addition to two parents and cat brother, Yankee will now have a larger house to explore (gradually, as he still has a puppy's desire to "explore" by putting things in his mouth. I gave Wanda and Don a crash course in "things Yankee can't resist", like laptop cords), a neighborhood filled with dogs, a great gated community with a lake, a beach, and a large grassy area where all the dogs meet up and play. From facebook, I just learned that in addition to Bubba the cat (who may weigh all of 8 lbs), Yankee has made two other new friends! Yankee's a sociable fellow, so that is wonderful news!


I am so, so happy with this match (and love that they aren't so far away!). I know I always say that "I'm so, so happy with the match" because I am! Karen does an amazing job culling through applicants to get the right people with the right doodle!


Please join me in wishing Yankee every happiness with his new family!


Below is a picture of this new family (ignore Yankee's alien eyes)


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  • Yay! Nice work as usual, Frannie!  And Karen for matching!!!
  • Yay for Yankee!
  • I was going to ask if they could adopt me, but I see Adrianne already beat me to it. Congratulations Frannie and Callie on another job well done. BTW if you want to fix those glowing eyes there is an online photo editor called Piknik that you can use. Happy Trails Yankee!
  • Awwe. Love these happy endings!
  • Yay Frannie & Callie!!  Another happy tale because of you gals!!!
  • How happy for all of them! Yay for second chances.
  • Another wonderful Doodle happy every after story!!  Congratulations once again!!  Wanda does pet portraits...we gotta get her on DoodleKisses!!!!
  • Always love a happy ending!
  • Great job!  Congrats to Yankee and his new family!
  • What a wonderful happy ending!!!
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