Many thanks to Bob, Matt, and Sophie for hosting our first ever Bucks County Doodles Romp last Sunday!  Dogs and people had a lot of fun and Sophie's backyard was just perfect for doodle antics!  Sophie is the sweetest girl with the most gorgeous red coat. Some of you may remember that Sophie was seriously ill not too long ago so it was great to see her healthy and running again! Yay! We loved meeting Bob, Matt and Sophie, Adrienne and Dougie, Alla and Baila (founder of the group), Marcie, her daughter Hannah and Rosebud, and Dave and Looie (just 4 months old-- Looie, that is :)  Finnegan was so smitten with pretty Rosebud, he put his paw on her to try to keep her from walking away. And he kept following her around bopping her on the head with his nose.  If he thought this was the way to her heart, he was wrong :(  Sorry Finn.  So happy to finally get to meet Adrienne and Dougie --although Dougie resisted my best efforts to photograph him :)  What a cutie! This group was just the sweetest group of doodles and once again DK people rock!

Beautiful Sophie


Looie may be the youngest, but he knows where the water is and he's keeping an eye on it.


Looie proves he can run with the "big dogs"


Looie still watching over the water bowl LOL



Alla's Baila --the most athletic doodle I've met bar none.  I think her name means "lovely airborne ballerina"



Laurie and GBK, 5 doodles!!  Count 'em :)  LOL





















Finney's newfound love... Miss Rosebud...such a happy girl!

3356604969?profile=original Dougie, has the most beautiful silky chocolate coat.  He's adorable and a real love bug but posing was not his thing on Sunday.  Next time Dougie, I'm bringing the squeaker toy!


Hannah and her Rosebud


Marcie and Rosebud...sooo cute!


I've finally got the water bowl to MYSELF ~ Looie (Waterlou)


End of a great afternoon!  Bob and Sophie, Adrienne and Dougie, David and Looie (sorry I didn't get the whole group time!)


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  • Alla, you should join the Photography Group :)  We'd love to have you and it's a lot of fun!

    Thanks Anne!

  • Here's a link to more pictures which I took from the day:

  • Love your blog and the pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Lonnie, you're so right about DK people and their doodles! And after a little sniffing all the dogs were immediate friends--their different ages and sizes didn't matter one bit.  I thought that was amazing.

    Thanks Pat.  Yep, Finn sure knows how to pick 'em LOL 

    Thanks Joyce. Glad you enjoyed them.  Alla took a bunch of great pictures too ...they're posted on the Bucks County Doodles group/page

  • Joanna, Looie cracked me up with that water bowl :)  Don't you just love that face!

    Alla thanks!  It was fun wasn't it!

    Adrienne, of course you can come back :)  I want to watch Dougie grow -- he's sooo adorable!

  • A great time was had by all...Thanks for the Blog Cheryl and the great photos to capture the day.  Unfortunately, Dougie was the "shade" and "jerky treat" hog and wanted no parts of the running around in the sun.  I have to teach him how to "party", LOL!!  I can't wait to do it again...  Even if I'm in DE, it is a short drive, I can come back, right????  :)

  • What a great blog post! Baila had lots of fun, we must do it again!
  • Such a cute bunch!  I love how Looie is hanging out by the water bowl LOL!

  • Thanks Laurie. Regarding the Group shot --apparently not :(

  • BTW...great photos and once again, no group shot. Did we learn nothing in PA?? :)

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