Yet, Another Bedtime Story!

When Sir Riley is ready for bed/crate at night, pretty easy task normally!   When I put him to bed, he just immediately heads for his crate when let in from his nightly duties.  When my wife does it, she always gives him a small biscuit before closing and locking him up for the night.  Wife always asks me, " Did you give him his treat?".  My response has been, he does'nt need one!. 


Well apparently Riley thinks differently.  Over the course of time, Riley knows if Julie puts him to bed he gets his treat.  If I do, nodda!   Well, now here is current program.  If I am upstairs watching TV and he is with me, I'll notice (if it is his bedtime) he is gone.  Go downstairs and he is already put to bed with his bedroom door shut.  Julie, will say he came down and asked her to put him to bed.  Now, when I bring him in from outside, he will glance at his open crate door and jet into the TV room.  Jumps up on the futon next to my wife.  I will call him, yet to no avail.  Julie, says he wants his treat!.  Of course Riley looks at her then to me as if to say, " You tell him Mom! ".  So, I go into the kitchen open cabinet door grab him a treat.  When, I get to his room he is already in his crate.  Riley, hears the cabinet door shutting, so knows treat is on its way, and all is right with the world.

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  • Riley, you are just too smart and too funny.

  • Awww  Riley sounds as spoiled as my two doodles :)  They are so darn smart and can work us humans.  I am not a cookie dispenser with my doodles, but they do get a cookie when I call them in from outside (we are working on their recall skills).  When they come in both doodles ALWAYS get a kiss and a praise.  If I forget to give each doodle a cookie, both are frozen in the the kitchen with the look on their faces that say "ahhh Mom... you forgot something !!!!"  its too cute.

  • This is great! Ours always sit on the bed with wagging tails for a Charlie Bear before bed! Just listen to his mommy!!

  • That's a cute story! Smart dog!

  • Hate to admit it!  Riley does have a pillow/cushion in his crate.

  • Riley certainly knows which side his bread is buttered on!  Smart boy!

  • Riley, It is like you are at a 5-star Hotel and your bed is turned down for you and a piece of candy is on your pillow. You are truly living the life of Riley...LOL!!!

  • LOL, too funny! Riley's a smart boy, isn't he?!

  • Riley is a smart cookie! 

  • What a great example of HUMAN Training!! Good job, Riley!
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