Yet another Bee Sting.....


We had such a great time yesterday going to a dog park we have never been to.....but....while we was getting all ready and organized......Wheezy got stung by another bee!!!! She came in and held her paw up........when you touched the pads of her paw....her leg would shake...and we discovered.....A BEE STING!!!  She looked sooo sad......I went and got an ice pack and took her to the couch and we started chilling it down.


IMG-8112.JPG?et=q3RcodHG4UU3WGrxFzCl%2CA&nmid=0This has officially become Wheezy's personal Bee Sting Ice Pack!!!!



I set her foot on it and she kept it has to feel good!!


After a few minutes.....she feel over and acted like she was almost unconscious!!!  LOL....I really think she was wanting all the attention and hugs she got the other day when one stung her in the eye!!!   of course she got it!!   We let her rest a little bit.......Ellie and me was in the kitchen and I opened a treat bag to give Ellie a treat and here come Wheezy......the drama was over!!!  LOL   No limping either......Yeah!!!   Poor Wheezy.....I don't know why the bees are getting her....or she is getting them?


Off we a link to the dog is really nice:


Dad getting us ready....making sure we have leashes and everything packed.IMG-8122.JPG?et=9avWlthqRxVTa09r30ySQw&nmid=0

Everyone say CheeseIMG-8123.JPG?et=X6tQAPWHEfqcpWScT%2CzFZA&nmid=0

IMG-8124.JPG?et=kfi1rs4dYwSTZxWGSVjYoA&nmid=0Entrance to the dog parkIMG-8131.JPG?et=2XGlYUH7fn14VbimJDInoQ&nmid=0

MVI-8151-2.jpg?et=Uz6muI%2CFNFPcTvTbqNHzKg&nmid=0Wheezy didn't let us out of her sight.....Ellie was everywhere!!!   She got all muddy and jumped on people's a wonder she didn't get kicked out!!!  LOL   They get sooo excited!!MVI-8151.jpg?et=gqVZM0w4osOeWMRHtbCJrw&nmid=0The owners home......they board your dogs too....they have it fenced off from the the dogs stay at the house.....nice place to take your dog!!!  They have dogie day care too.   IMG-8129.JPG?et=TU97pqxnsZxTBeAe%2CHjA4Q&nmid=0IMG-8134.JPG?et=7ByXkm5MyilwoxdQ6U34mw&nmid=0  Ellie with muddy legs.......she is always so prissy.....but when she gets in a dog park and around water....anything goes!!!  She loves the water!!! 

  IMG-8135.JPG?et=vpTVb6PvHFOWHjoiokb5zA&nmid=0   IMG-8136.JPG?et=UsivtL0J915UgN6rWTgYnw&nmid=0IMG-8138.JPG?et=R7QXLcHU0PeVrz1zKnQIfA&nmid=0IMG-8142.JPG?et=x7kMvruCmWZGeugDsWpAWQ&nmid=0IMG-8146.JPG?et=HVo2OcYGTpCaS3kF10Ofiw&nmid=0IMG-8149.JPG?et=BLSciE4HCllYK0hSIMtLpA&nmid=0  Can't wait until Ellie and Wheezy swim........we haven't had them around the water enough yet. At the other dog park a man told us to just throw them in.....I don't want to do that!!IMG-8154.JPG?et=vh%2BgnyV0JPoOHzcvs33%2B2Q&nmid=0IMG-8156.JPG?et=vvMuoxMRjrIAsD5huGlpmw&nmid=0IMG-8157.JPG?et=%2BGK%2BbequvrlG1TPTDWq%2C3A&nmid=0IMG-8158.JPG?et=gbmSsp278Ztem4gQCCzK7Q&nmid=0IMG-8160.JPG?et=mgXrqpZL9SUTo%2Cpn0wIVsQ&nmid=0IMG-8161.JPG?et=tHHxS2BHVakS0w7VZzsqyA&nmid=0IMG-8162.JPG?et=5f2mslByot0lgxZFY6QxdA&nmid=0


All tired and worn out....getting ready to go home!!




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  • Poor doodle!!!!!!
  • I think that she may get the bees! What about them being on the ground and she stirs them up? Poor doodle!

    Looks like a great park to hang out at!

  • Other than the sting it looks like you guys had a great day!!
  • The park looks wonderful! Kona has been stung twice this month, too. So have I.  :o(
  • What a beautiful park.  We don't seem to have anything like this out here
  • Poor Wheezy, the bees don't seem to like her much, maybe she was making a pest of herself. What a great dog park, it looks like so much fun.
  • This park looks like a lovely place. Poor Wheezy, she must taste like nectar!
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