Yet, Another Funny!

Called a new groomer, she asked for all kinds of information as I was first time client.  At the end of conversation she asked:" Is Charles neutered?"   I said "Yes", but my dog's name is " Riley".  There was just silence on the line, then she said: " I asked, for the dog's name".  LOL.   My, SNL has been cutting him for the years, she is going in for an operation and had to take him to someone new.  It is just too hard on her right now.   We, will see! 




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  • Kind of embarrassed to ask, but I don't get it, and I want to get it! Did the groomer just space out and forget what she had asked, or did you mis hear her? It is funny, though, that she asked you if you were neutered (AND that you said 'yes')!

  • So funny !!!

  • LOL!   I'm sure she'll remember you when you well when you bring Riley in!   So funny!

  • Oh how funny!  I read this out loud to DH and he just laughed and laughed.

  • OMD! Hilarious! 

  • Ha ha ha!!!!

    Hope the groomer turns out to be a good one for you and Charles...oops! I mean you and RILEY! LOL!!!!

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